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International Crime Tribunal For The Former Yugoslawia And Coming To Terms With The Past In The Affected Countries

The break-up of Yugoslavia was characterised by bloody wars, which turned the former brother nations into bitter enemies. This is still affecting the democratic development in the majority of the Yugoslav successor states and the relationships between them. Twenty years after the ICTY was set up, the Tribunal is still playing an important role for the democratic development of the societies that have emerged from the former Yugoslavia and for shaping the relationships between them. more…

Henri Bohnet, Anja Czymmeck, Dr. Michael A. Lange, Sabina Wölkner | International Reports | April 19, 2013



In this book, political parties are presented as central institutions of a modern democracy. The characteristics and functions of parties, the basic elements of their organisation, their political and social context, as well as the problems of party democracy and the specific challenges faced by parties are the main topics. The book also gives a brief overview of the political party landscape in the Republic of Kosovo and describes their ideologies and political coalitions. more…

Dr. Wilhelm Hofmeister, Karsten Grabow | April 16, 2013

Intra Party Democracy in Kosovo

This research study conducted by the Think Tank Center for Research and Policy Making (CRPM) in cooperation with different Kosovan authors and presented by KAS deals with the topic of “Internal Party Democracy in Kosovo”. It examines, describes and compares the intra-party democracy in some of the bigger political parties in Kosovo, in order to provide a basis for the development and consolidation of democratic structures and the possibilities of participation for their members. more…

Country Reports | November 15, 2012