Challenges to SE Mediterranean Security Policy

October 14 Sunday


October 14 - 16, 2012





Date: 14. – 16. October 2012 Venue: Radisson Blu Hotel, Split Languages: Croatian, English (with simultaneous translation)

Also available in Deutsch, Hrvatski

Sunday, 14th of October 2012

19.00 Dinner Reception Welcome: Smiljan Čubelić; Dr. Michael Lange

Monday, 15th of October 2012

09:00 Opening Session Words of Welcome - Smiljan Čubelić

General Remarks - Dr. Michael Lange

10.00 Session 1 – International Cooperation in Mediterranean Moderator: Smiljan Čubelić GMC

“Arab Spring” and its consequences on Transatlantic Security - Speaker: Davor Božinović, Croatian Diet Foreign Politics Committee

The Mediterranean as politically multi-layered historical area - Speaker: Ivo Pilar Institute

Developments in Islam after the Arab Spring - Speaker: Mirza ef. Mešić

EU Security Policy for the Mediterranean Region - Speaker: VADM Alberto Cervone, GMC

11.00 Discussion

11.45 Coffee Break

12.00 Session 2- Terrorism Mediterranean

Moderator: Dr. Tuđman, Croatian Diet Committee for Interior Politics and National Security Council

National defence (Maritime) transition and possibilities to act - Speaker: Ivica Tolić

The emergence of state and non-state terrorist actors - Speaker: Dr. Tuđman

The Croatian experience of fighting terrorism - Speaker: Dr. Tuđman

State and private security as models of symmetric and asymmetric capability of security response - Speaker: Dr. Mikac

13.00 Discussion

13.30 Lunch

15.00 Session 3- Integrated Naval Security

Moderator: Croatian Navy

The Croatian defence transition - Speaker: Dr. Lozančić

The Croatian defence transition within NATO - Speaker: KBB Stjepanović, Croatian Navy

The role and contribution of private industry towards a wider operational picture - Speaker: Dr. Mikac and a speaker from Security Managers Association

Tuesday, 16th of October 2012

10.00 Session 4- Migrations and Border Control

Moderator: VADM Alberto Cervone, GMC

Migrations and border security - Speaker: VADM Alberto Cervone, GMC

The crisis of sub- Saharan refugees in Northern Africa - Speaker: Embassy of Spain, Deputy Ambassador EUROSUR - Speaker: Croatian Ministry of the Interior

10.45 Discussion

11:00 The improved border control procedure - Speaker: Filip Dragović, UNDP

Migrations - new challenge for security - Speaker: CDM Republic of Israel

11.45 Discussion

12.15 Coffee Break

12.45 Session 5- Port Security, Research and Development

Moderator: Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure

The port security systems in the Mediterranean ports - Speakers: Ministry of Maritime Affairs

The presentation on the Croatian port security system - Speaker: MMA, Mol and NSC

The economic and national security - Speaker: CCC and NSC

13.45 Discussion

14.15 Lunch

15.30 Concluding Session Panel’s findings - Moderator: Smiljan čubelić

Forecasting Future Challenges, Threats and Perspectives - Moderator: Dr. Michael Lange

17.00 Closing of the Conference - Smiljan čubelić

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