Women in Politics

October 12 Friday


October 12 - 14, 2012





Konrad Adenauer Foundation organized, in cooperation with Croatian Statehood Foundation and Eduardo Frei Foundation from the Netherlands, Two-Day Workshop in order to support stronger engagement of woman in politics.

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- Dr. Ivan Tanta, Business College VERN’

- Dunja Lakuš, prof., RTL

- Pero Maldini, University Dubrovnik

- Davorka Bošnjak, PR&event consultant

- Tihomir Cipek, Croatian Studies

- Monique Vogelaar Eduardo Frei Foundation

Friday, 12th October 2012

until 18.00 Arrival of participants

19.00 Greetings and opening words

- Srećko Prusina, chairman of the Croatian statehood foundation

- Monique Vogelaar Eduardo Frei Foundation

- Dr. Michael Lange, Konrad Adenauer Foundation

19.30 Introduction into and setting goals the workshop

20.00 Joint Dinner

Saturday, 13th October 2012

09.30 Values and Politics:

Christian-Democracy: What does it mean and how could it be introduced into party platforms - Tihomir Cipek

10.15 Values in Politics: Christian-Democracy - Monique Vogelaar

11.15 Coffee break

11.30 Women in Politics – Legal frameworks

12.15 What is Politics?

Pero Maldini, University Dubrovnik

14.00 Lunch

17.30 Roundtable: “The Role of Women in Politics” Introduction:

Srećko Prusina, Croatian Statehood Foundation

Dr. Michael Lange, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung

Moderation: Davorka Bošnjak

President of HDZ Women Forum “Katarina Zrinska”

Dubravka Šuica, Member of the HDZ Party Board

Monique Vogelaar, Eduardo Frei Foundation

Two Generations of the project “Women in Politics”

Universtiy of Dubrovnik: prof. Cipek, prof. Ljubimir, prof. Maldini 20.00 Dinner

Sunday, 14th October 2012

09.30 Presenting political massages convincingly II

How to react in unpredictable situations,

Practical workshop with holding speeches in front of camera, round table debating

Feedback: Ivan Tanta / Davorka Bošnjak / Dunja Lakuš

13.30 Final conclusions

13.45 Lunch

15.00 Departure of participants

Contact person

Dr. Michael A. Lange

Head of the KAS office in Croatia

Dr. Michael A. Lange
Phone +385 1 4882-650
Fax +385 1 4882-656