Discussion 'Elections in Europe'

July 1 Saturday


July 1, 2017, 14.00-15.30


Cēsu Pils parks



On the 1st of July, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation as part of the conversation festival LAMPA, organises a discussion on "Elections in Europe".

Also available in Deutsch

Will populism, despite 'alternative facts' and 'fight against the Elite', set its march forward also after Brexit not only in discussions but also in active politics? We will deal with this question in our discussion 'Elections in Europe' and we will refer to the examples in the Netherlands, France and Germany.

Participants of our discussion: - Sabine Pokorny, - Aurelie Domisse, - Nelleke Weltevrede, - Hugues Charpentier.

Moderator: Ilze Nagla, LTV correspondent in Brussels.

The discussion will be in English and translated into Latvian. http://www.festivalslampa.lv/event/lv/308/


Plakat fuer die Diskussion Wahlen in Europa am 01.07.2017

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