Russian propaganda in the Baltic States, Europe and the World.

Discussion in Café Film Noir

September 9 Saturday


September 9, 2017, 17.00-19.00


Café Film Noir, cinema Splendid Palace, Elizabetes iela 61, Riga



The participants of this round table discussion have different professional experience of creating image-from entertainment programs and advertising, to political shows and the construction of entire TV channels and the media.

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They will consider the mechanisms and tools of Russian propaganda. They will discuss the methodology of this propaganda, identify target groups, and most importantly -the practical goals of this activity of the Russian Federation. The discussion will have special focus on the Baltic countries that were part of the former USSR. A big number of people who have sympathy for Russia live in the Baltics and they are a special electorate for Russian propaganda. Perhaps as a result of the dialogue, there will be an understanding of the necessary counter measures by the professional community in the Baltics and Europe for the independence of their citizens’s consciousness from the foreign propaganda.

Moderated by the Radio Svoboda commentator and poet Elena Fanailova


Vera Krichevskaya – creator of TV Дождь, former political programm editor in НТВ, author of movie The Man Who Was Too Free

Galina Timchenko – creator of, now leads

Vitaliy Manskis – former main producer of РенТВ, now – president of Artdocfest (Russia) and curator of programm Artdocfest/Riga

Askold Kurov – author of Film The Trial: The State Of Russia Vs Oleg Sentsov

Kenan Aliyev – chief editor of TV Current time (Настоящее время)

Elena Volochine – author of Film Oleg’s choice, reporter of France24 in Russia

Irena Lesnevskaya - creator of РенТВ

Dmitry Bogolyubov – author of documentaries about propaganda

Maria Aslamazyan - former leader of information agency Internews in Russia

Ivars Belte - Latvian Television

Kristians Rozenvalds - political scientist

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