What hides behind the party?

Discussion in the Popular Front Museum

September 28 Thursday


September 28, 2017, 17.00


Popular Front Museum, Vecpilsētas iela 13/15, Rīga



Since the restoration of Latvia's independence, there have been many assumptions about the role of the Soviet Union and of the Communist Party of Latvia in the dismantlement of totalitarianism and in the emergence of the Popular Front.

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The panel discussion will focus on the turning points in the history of the party and on the question of whether banning the party contributed to the buildup of negative heritage. The participants of the event are the former members of the Communist Party of Latvia: member of Latvian Parliament Sergejs Dolgopolovs, former chairman of the Parliament Alfrēds Čepānis, former Minister of the Economy Ojārs Kehris. Historian Dr. Daina Bleijere will present her research about the party's last few years in government. Dainis Īvāns will be the host of the evening.

The discussion will be held in Latvian.

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