Burning Conscience

August 23 Thursday


August 23, 2018


Pils ielas 12, Cesis



Permanent exhibition on the resistance of the people of the Cēsis Region to the Soviet and Nazi occupations from 1940 until 1957.

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The period of Latvian history from 1940 to 1957 coincides with the last decade of existence for the Cesis Region and in popular historical memory is recorded both as the loss of statehood, and as a time permeated by personal tragedies during the Soviet and Nazi occupations. In order to explain the resistance of Cesis Region residents to the occupying powers to the public, a content-rich, educational, artistically high-value and multimedia exhibition is created, having significance for different communities. Historical material is interpreted through stories of individual resistance and the exhibition is set up in a Soviet occupation-era, temporary detention centre which has been preserved in the very heart of Cesis old town, adjacent to the most popular tourist attractions.

Curator: Elīna Kalniņa Email: ugunskurs@cesis.lv  Phone: 25445433 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Sirdsapzi%C5%86as-Ugunskurs-328722070901866/


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