The price of your democracy(?)

June 30 Saturday


June 30, 2018


Burg Cesis Park, Lenču iela 9A, Cēsis, LV-4101



Every four years democracy is coming around again and makes promises in return for your vote. But is it really this simple? The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung discussed your role in a democracy on June 30th at the annual conversation festival LAMPA.

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In October Latvia will be the ninth EU-country in 2018 to ask their citizens to cast a ballot for a new parliament. But what does that require despite ticking a parties’ box? Participation in society and the public debate is the bedrock of democracy. But which duties or sacrifices does your citizenship demand beside the privileges to make democracy work? Hosting three experts from three countries we debated these and other related questions – Vita Matîss from Latvia, Tobias Rüttershof from Germany and Renata Mieñkowska-Norkiene from Poland presented their view on a citizen’s role in a democracy.

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