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April 25, 2008

The reappraisal of the communist dictatorship as a European assignment

In the discussion meeting organized by the KAS and the Occupation museum in Riga the member of the Latvian Parliament Sandra Kalniete asked for an open discussion on the crimes of the communist dictatorship in Eastern Europe. "For the Baltic countries, the liberation from the Nazis brought a further period of oppression and servitude. The second dictatorship from 1944 to 1991 must therefore be tried equally", so Mrs Kalniete.

April 13, 2008

conference report

The Latvian-Russian relations at the end of the era 'Putin'

The relations between Latvia and Russia at the end of the era 'Putin' were topic at the conference organized by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) and the Centre for East European Political Studies on April 12 in Riga. Scientific experts, politicians and journalists from both countries discussed the political relations between the two neighbouring states, the enhancement of the cooperation at the energy sector as well as the integration process of the Russian speaking population in Latvia. more…

April 11, 2008

Conference Report

"EU-Learning: Democracy through Law"

The President of Latvia, Dr. Valdis Zatlers, opened the international conference "EU-Learning: Democracy through Law", to which the KAS, the RGSL and the Soros Foundation jointly have invited. In the light of the 4th anniversary of Latvia's access to the EU, the participants - among others the judge at the ECJ, Dr. Egils Levits (picture) - discussed about the progress of the constitutional state in Latvia as well the dimension of a common European jurisdiction. more…

March 17, 2008

Luncheon Discussion

Kosovo - Benchmark for the European Union

Within the scope of the Luncheon Discussion series, the regional office of the KAS for the Baltic States in Riga hosted the event "Kosovo - Benchmark for the EU?". The Under-Secretary of State, Ilgvars Klava, Dr. Dusan Reljic, an associate researcher at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs, and many high-ranking representatives from politics, diplomacy and media debated on the Declaration of Independence of the Kosovo and the future relations to the EU. more…

January 18, 2008

Luncheon Discussion

Russia's Way

On January 17th, the regional office of the KAS in Riga invited to a luncheon discussion on “Russia’s way – the Impact of the Duma and the Presidential Elections on Latvia and the European Union.” Together with the former Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Latvia, Mr. Artis Pabriks MP, and the Russian expert Andrei Zagorski from the Moscow Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) high-ranking representatives from politics, science and diplomacy debated on the future course of Russia. more…

January 1, 2008

essentia baltica 2008

German-Baltic cultural relations

To mark the first independence of the Baltic States in 1918 as well as the deep relationship to Germany, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania present the German-Baltic "Kulturfrühling". In collaboration with the German embassies, the Baltic States will organize different events and exhibitions themed "Essentia Baltica 2008". Germany was the first country that acknowledged the independence of the Baltic States and started diplomatic relations after the break down of the Soviet Union.

December 20, 2007

News flash

Ivars Godmanis elected as Lativa's new Prime Minister

The leader of the political party “Latvia’s way”, Ivars Godmanis, is elceted as the new Prime Minister of Latvia by the votes of the “People’s Party”, “For Fatherland and Freedom”, and “Union of Greens and Farmers”. Godmanis was the previous Minister of Internal Affairs in the cabinet of Kalvitis and chairman of the Council of Ministers between 1990 and 1993. Amongst others, he was responsible for Latvia’s transformation from a state-directed economy to a free market economy.

December 6, 2007

News flash

Latvian government resigns from office

On December 5th, Aigars Kalvitis and the Latvian government resigned from office. Previously, there had been demonstrations against the suspension of the leader Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau. This suspension has been withdrawn by now (report from 11-19-07). Kalvitis is going to take over official functions until a successor is found. Building a new governnment for Latvia within the next weeks seems to be difficult and problems are expected

November 19, 2007

Country report

Latvia in a crisis

Latvia is in one of the worst crisis since its independence in 1991. The present Prime Minister Aigars Kalvitis has announced the resignation of his cabinet for December 5th. Previously, there have been the largest demonstrations of Latvia's young history as an independent country. The following country report is available just in German language. more…

October 9, 2007

Think Tank Conference

Riga Conference 2007 "Europe at the Crossroads: Agenda from Riga to Bucharest"

In collaboration with the Latvian Transatlantic Organization and under the patronage of Latvia’s former president Vika Freiberga, the regional office of the KAS in Riga invites to a high-ranking security conference on the topic "Europe at the Crossroads: Agenda from Riga to Bucharest". On October 14th and 15th, experts from the region and beyond are going to discuss the future role of the NATO and review the results of the NATO's 2006 summit in Riga. more…