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European Economic Government or Governance?

Jānis Miķelsons, advisor to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Latvia, discusses Europe's need for a Common Economic Government. more…

Event Reports | April 18, 2011

Corporate Responsibility

A Key to Success

Mari Kooskora (Estonian Business School) outlines the principles of Corporate Responsibility. more…

PhD Mari Kooskora | Event Reports | April 18, 2011

Lessons learned from the Global Economic and Financial Crisis

Do we need a European Economic Government?

Fernando Navarrete outlines the leassons learned from the Global Economic and Financial Crisis and poses the question of an European Economic Government. more…

Fernando Navarrete | Event Reports | April 18, 2011

Latvia Reloaded – The Parties are Trying to Revive the Spirit of 1991

In many ways, the elections of 2nd October 2010 were a call for Latvia’s 1.5 Million citizens to decide the future direction of their country. On the one hand the ruling coalition headed by Prime Minister Dombrovskis sought agreement for its austerity policies caused by the crisis; on the other hand the electorate had to vote on whether the business interests of Latvian “oligarchs” should continue to have significant influence on the country’s politics. On top of this, the ethnic Russian minority has been able to strengthen their position in local elections since 2009. more…

Andreas Michael Klein | International Reports | January 5, 2011

Newsletter No.4

Adventure Sphere Europe

After the successful presentation of the teacher’s handbook “Adventure Sphere Europe” to the wider public in Latvia and Estonia in August 2010 the project enters its implementation phase: From December 2010 until April 2011 the Konrad Adenauer Foundation with its partner the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology of the University of Latvia in cooperation with the European Commission’s representation in Latvia is organizing 11 workshops for teachers throughout Latvia. more…

Andreas Michael Klein | Event Reports | December 18, 2010