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VI. Dikli Forum on Social Market Economy

Dual Vocational Education and Training

The Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce (AHK) jointly organized the VI. Dikli Forum on Social Market Economy for economic, political and education experts on May 27th-28th, 2014. more…

Event Reports | June 26, 2014

Post-Wall Europe needs to become “Europe for all”

State of Europe with Herman Van Rompuy

24 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, European Council President Herman Van Rompuy expressed in Berlin his concerns over the challenges Europe is facing today. In front of 600 invited people at the Allianz Forum in Berlin, Van Rompuy warned against growing populism on the European continent and the rising of distrust. “Populism and nationalism cannot provide the answer to the challenges of our time”. more…

Event Reports | November 9, 2013

Alienated Neighbors

The Integration of the Russian-speaking Minority in Latvia

During the Soviet era, ethnic Latvians became only a scarce majority of the population due to massive immigration into Latvia of people from other Soviet republics. After the restoration of independence, most of them decided to stay in Latvia, so becoming a part of society and politics in the newly re-established state. Although Latvia has not had massive outbursts of violence, like Estonia, interethnic relations are far from excellent as of today. more…

Dr. Ivars Ijabs | International Reports | July 12, 2013

Do Campaigns Matter?

Political Communication and Campaigning

In Latvia, young politicians from the Baltic Sea Region discussed effects and limits of political communication. more…

Josephine Landertinger Forero | Event Reports | July 23, 2012

Energy politics and climate protection

Where do we stand 20 years after Rio?

On invitation of KAF'S Baltic office about 120 experts from politics, administration, business, media and academia discussed the latest trends in climate protection and sustainable development after the nuclear disaster in Fukushima. Download the presentations of the conference here. more…

Katrin Ridder-Strolis | Event Reports | February 24, 2012