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Difficult Legacies, Risky Futures – The Baltic Perspective on Migration

Dealing with the mass immigration from Northern Africa and from the Middle East is one of the biggest challenges for the European Union. Whether Europe as a whole will be able to deal with this unprecedented in-flux of asylum seekers and migrants is to a large extent the most crucial question for European solidarity. more…

Dr. Ivars Ijabs | September 15, 2015

New government in Latvia

On Thursday, November 5, 2014, the Latvian Parliament (Saeima) with 61 votes in favor and 31 votes against approved the new government led by Laimdota Straujuma and her center-right party Vienotība. Vienotība managed to retain and increase a majority in the Parliament for her of 3 center-right party coalition. more…

Krisjanis Buss, Norbert Beckmann-Dierkes | November 11, 2014

Parliamentary Elections in Latvia

More of the Same, Please

Parliamentary elections in Latvia have always been the central event of the political life. The country has no directly elected president, nor upper chamber, or federal parliaments. It means that the power is concentrated in the 100-seat Saeima, elected directly by the population in almost purely proportional elections with the party list system and a five per cent threshold. This institution is powerful, not to say omnipotent – it elects the State President, confirms the government, adopts the legislation, and controls the executive. more…

Dr. Ivars Ijabs | October 21, 2014

Results of the elections for the European Parliament in Latvia

Disappointing results for the EPP group

Disappointing was the European Election for the two Latvian parties "Jaunais Laiks" (JL) and "Tautas Partija" (TP)that belong to the EPP Group. JL achieved at least one seat in the European Parliament, whereas TP gained only 2,79 percent of votes. With this result TP won't be represented in the European Parliament. more…

Andreas Michael Klein | June 9, 2009

Local Elections in Latvia

Good results for Sasķanas Centrs and Pilsonīska Savieniba/ disappointment for Tautas Partija and Jaunais Laiks

About 1,4 million voters were asked to go to the polls in Latvia on the 6th of June 2009. On this day they had to give their vote for Latvian representatives in the European Parliament as well as for the composition of the local governments in 118 districts around the country. more…

Andreas Michael Klein | June 7, 2009

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