Parliamentary election debates

September 8 Monday


September 8 - October 6 2008


Vilnius city hall, Didžioji 31, Vilnius, Lithuania



During parliamentary elections in the Western democracies, it has become customary for the candidates of the main political parties to engage in a debate. The discussion on main topics gives opportunity for citizens to make a responsible choise.

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Parliamentary elections in Lithuania will take place on the 12 of October 2008. Therefore the KAF and it's partner-party in Lithuania the Homeland Union/Christian democrats arrange a cycle of debates on the main topics and issues. All main political parties will take part at the debate to discuss problems and their possible solving opportunities.

First debate: September 8, with the Liberal and Centre Union on Social Affairs.

Second debate: September 15, with the Labour party on Foreign policy.

Third debate: September 23, with the party Order and Justice on Corruption prevention.

Fourth debate: September 30, with Lithuanian social democrats on Education and Culture.

Fifth debate: October 6, with Lithuanian social democrats on Economics and State-future.

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