Will we have an independent and objective Massmedia in Lithuania?

February 10 Wednesday


February 10, 2010


„Gabi“, Šv. Mykolo g. 6, Vilnius



Together with the Institute of Democratic Politics we cordially invite to the next session of the discussion-club "politika.lt" on February 10, 2010.

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The Massmedia in Lithuania is often critisized of being inobjective, reporting only about political scandals, criminality as well as tending to be yellow press. We would like to withdraw the critisizm on massmedia in Lithuania and therefore invite to participate at the pannel discussion "Will we have an independent and objective Massmedia in Lithuania?", on February 10, 2010. Together with the pannelists the participants will debate the overall situation of Lithuanian massmedia, journalist ethics and needs of the citizens due to what they want to see, hear and read in the massmedia.

  • Does the foreign capital guarantee the independent massmedia in Lithuania?

Ms. Monika GARBAČIAUSKAITĖ, Editor in Chief of the Internet Newsportal „Delfi.lt“

  • Will the transparency and independence of Lithuanian massmedia become reality?

Mr. Rytis JUOZAPAVIČIUS, Communications Consultant

  • How should the State guarantee the transparency of massmedia?

Ms. Zita ZAMŽICKIENĖ, Representative on Journalist Ethics

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