The Christian image of mankind

Guide for Society and Politics

March 9 Tuesday


March 9, 2010


Kolping College, Kaunas



Together with Kolping society we organize a lecture on Christian teaching in Kaunas on Tuesdaz, March 9.

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According to the Christian doctrine a human is understood as God’s creation after his own picture. Moreover human is distinguishable by his human dignity. Human is responsible for his actions towards other people and his surrounding, he is an individual and part of community, which has its own duties and responsibilities. From the Christian doctrine we inherited the main values as guidelines for our every day life: morality, respect towards others and respect to human dignity, pride, loving-kindness, etc.
The rhythm of life in the modern society is very fast and we seldom stop and think about the main Christian values, which were imparted us through generations by our grandparents. We hurry to much in order to succeed and complain too often about political scandals and policy, which is far from reality. Shouldn’t we begin from ourselves in order to make this life better?
Together with Kolping Society we invite on Tuesday, March 9, to the lecture “Christian image of mankind. Guide for society and politics” with Prof. Dr. Rudolf Uertz, Catholic University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, KAS St. Augustin. The participants will not only have the chance to hear a lecture on Christian teaching as a guideline for society, but also to ask questions and discuss with the professor.

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