Does Lithuania loose it's Exile Citizens?

October 27 Wednesday


October 27, 2010, 6.00-8.00 p.m.


Cafe "Gabi" Šv. Mykolo St. 6, Vilnius



In our next session of discussion club "" we will debate on emigration issues in Lithuania.

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With the strongest migration waves end of the 20th and begining of 21st century Lithuania has lost a great number of it's citizens. There are rumours being spread thet Lithuania has lost about half a Million of citizens. Just a few emigrants come from their new homes in Ireland, Great Britain, Spain, germany or USA back to Lithuania. Nevertheless Lithuanians, while being abroad, try to cultivate their own traditions and language, to be on track with the newest political developments in their homeland. Generations of Lithuanians are gathered into communities all over the world. So, Lithuanian World Community decidet to take the incentive and try to force the Lithuanian government to renew the legislation on citizenship and to allow Lithuanians, especially those in exile, to have double citizenship. Unfortunately this initiative was unsuccessful. Moreover Lithuanians claim, that the government is poor interested in gaining their citizens back. And now, because of the financial and economic crisis in the country, the house of Lithuanian World Community in Vilnius shall be closed.
In our discussion club „“ on Wednesday, October 27, we ask„Does Lithuania loose it's Exile Citizens?“. Together with our guests we will debate on the emigration issue in Lithuania and the possibilities for emigrants to participate on public and political life in Lithuania.

Migration as a global tendency: what is the difference between migration from Lithuania and migration from Italy?
Dr. Kęstutis GIRNIUS, Lecturer at the Institute for International Relations and Political Science, Vilnius University

Possibilities for exile Lithuanians to participate at public and political life in Lithuania: Are they guaranteed?
Dr. Regina NARUŠIENĖ, Board Member, Lithuanian World Community

The role of state at initiatives in attracting emigrants to come bact to Lithuania?
Dr. Audra SIPAVIČIENĖ, Head of the Lithuanian office of International Migration Organization
Herr Mantas JERSOVAS, Projectcoordinator, Lithuanian office of International Migration Organization

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