US Midterm-Elections: The beginning of Obamas end?

November 10 Wednesday


November 10, 2010


Cafe „Gabi“, Šv. Mykolo g. 6, Vilnius



In the next session of our discussion club "" we debate on the US midterm-elections.

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Recently the US Midterm-Elections took place. According to the election results, republicans gained more popularity during the elections and will hold the lead in the senate. The US-President Barack Obama was defeated in his own federal state. Nevertheless the President stays calm and optimistic and hopes for constructive and successful cooperation, in whitch the decisions will be made in consensus and will not just be blocked by the republicans.
In our discussion club „“ on Wednesday, November 10, we will debate on the topic "US Midterm-Elections: The beginning of Obama's end?". Together with our panelists we will overlook election results, political climate change as well as perspectives for further job of president Obama.
Our panelists and themes:

US Midterm-Elections: Natural „indicator“?
Mr. Petras AUŠTREVIČIUS, MP, Member of Committee of Foreign Affairs, Deputy Chairman of Committee of European Affairs, Parliament of Republic of Lithuania

Defeat of Barack Obama in his federal state: Sign of the end of Obama era?
Mr. Arūnas PEMKUS, Board Chairman „Integrity PR“, Former political officer in the White House

Political perspectives of the USA: Between optimism and pessimism?
Mr. Laurynas KASČIUNAS, Politologist, Foreign Policy Adviser to the Speaker of the Parliament of Republic of Lithuania

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