Challenges for center right parties in the baltic states

April 14 Saturday


April 14 - 15, 2012






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Friday, April 13

Foreign participants arrive & check in to the hotel

19:00 Welcome dinner (informal) – TBA

Saturday April 14

09:30 Opening Remarks

10:00 PANEL I: Domestic Challenges to the Centre-Right Parties in the Region: Polities, Societies and Party Systems''

Moderator: PETER UČEŇ (IRI)

- Key determinants of the centre right’s development dynamics
- Growing popular disenchantment with the (party) elites and related travails of the centre right
- Populism and successful anti-establishment strategies in party competition
- Fragmentation of the centre right and its sources (namely the antiestablishment factor)
- Past & coming elections

11:30 Coffee Break

11:45 Panel I cont’d

13:00 Lunch – TBA

14:00 PANEL II: Regional Challenges to the Centre-Right Parties in the Baltic Sea Region


- Foreign policy priorities, namely relationship to Russia
- Energy security: between Russia and Western Europe
- Transport infrastructure – domestic as well as foreign policy factor
- Minimal extent and optimal mechanism for coordination between the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian centre right: within or (also) beyond the EPP?

15:30 Coffee Break

15:45 Panel II cont’d

18:00 Official Dinner – TBD

Sunday, April 15

09:30 PANEL III: European Challenges to the Centre-Right Parties in the Region and the Way Forward to Closer Cooperation (workshop for the representatives of the EPP member parties)

Moderator: TBC

- Europe’s economic and financial crisis
- Centre-right parties between domestic and European concerns
- Towards an EU Economic Governance?
- How to reconcile possibly clashing opinions among and inside the parties
- Increased need for coordination at home and “in Brussels”?

12:00 Final Remarks and Discussion

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