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September 6, 2010


German Chancellor Angela Merkel visits Vilnius and Riga

German Chancellor Angela merkel is expected today for a two day visit in Vilnius and Riga. Besides meetings with Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitė and Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius the Chancellor will visit the Jesuits gymnasium and Antakalnis cemetery, where wreath ceremony is foreseen. The former visit date was stated beginning of June at the BDF Summit, but it was cancelled due to the resignation of German State President. more…

August 25, 2010

Reading and Discussion

Night Dust and Knock Code or Le Dossier Robert

On Wednesday, September 8, we invite to reading and discussion with Karsten Dümmel about his book "Night Dust or Knock Code or Le Dossier Robert". The participants will have the chance to hear read extracts from the book as well as to discuss with the author not only about his book, but also about his experiences in the former GDR. Read more... more…

August 23, 2010

Lithuania commemorates the Baltic Way

Today, on August 23, Lithuania celebrates the 21 anniversary of the Baltic Way, the 650 kilometers long and about 2 Million Lithuanians, Latvians and Estonians unifying live chain, which 1989 meant the protest against the Sowjet regime. Early autumn the memorial "Freedom way" with human figures and quotes on the meaning of the Baltic Way to each Lithuanian citizen will be openen in order to commemorate those, who stood on the Baltic Way. (picture: more…

August 16, 2010

JKL Summer Academy 2010

The Municipalities Councils: What does it mean for a modern democracy?

The JKL invites to the annual summer academy in Plateliai on 20-22 of August 2010. Together with the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Mayor of Kaunas and other high level politicians the participants will discuss on forthcomming local elections in 2011, functions and tasks of mayors as well as the meaning of municipalities councils for modern democracy. Read more... more…

August 2, 2010

International Summer Academy 2010

Minister of Foreign Affairs participates at the KAS-Summer Academy

High level visit at the KAS-Summer Academy in Klaipeda: Minister of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Lithuania Audronius Ažubalis discussed with participants from five Baltic Sea Region countries about the perspectives of the EU Baltic Sea Strategy adopted in 2009. Lithuania sees itself as the motor in the implementation process. Minister Ažubalis appreciated the Declaration of cristian democratic youth organizations from Lithuania, Germany, Poland, Latvia and Belarus at the end of the academy. more…

July 19, 2010

International Summer Academy 2010

Implementation of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region: Theory and Practice

We continue our tradition of International Summer Academies for young politicians and invite together with JKD and EDUCATIO on July 29-August 1 to Klaipeda. During this year's Summer Academy our participants from the Baltic States, Germany, Poland and Belarus will debate on the topic of EU-Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, it's impacts to each country of the region as well as the main challenges of the 21st Century. Read more... more…

July 2, 2010

Lithuania celebrates its National Holiday - coronation of the King Mindaugas

On the 6th of July Lithuania celebrates its National holiday - the coronation of the only Lithuanian King Mindaugas. Mindaugas was the founder of Lithuanian State: He brought the separated Lithuanian domains together into one State and truggled for international acceptance to his State. With this aim Mindaugas and his family were baptized and furthermore on the 6th of July 1253 Mindaugas became king. Since then no Lithuanian Duke succeded to become king.

June 28, 2010

Lithuania mourns its first President Algirdas Brazauskas

The first directly-elected President of independent Lithuania Algirdas Brazauskas died on Saturday, June 26. At the age of 77 the former President and Prime Minister Brazauskas died after a long struggle with cancer. He is known as one of the key figures for Lithuanian Independence, who not only led his country from Sowjet occupation but also into NATO and EU-Membership. (picture: Read more... more…

June 17, 2010

Summer Academy for Adults

History, Values and social Responsibility

On 4-8 August 2010 we offer a four day Summer Academy for adults. The participants will discuss on the main values, cultural and political experiences in Europe as well as speak about the future perspectives for Europe and remember the milestones of our history... more…

June 17, 2010

Summer Youth Academy

Youth participation in public life

On July 19-23 we invite together with the Kolping Society in Lithuania to the Summer Youth Academy "Youth participation in public life" in Troškūnai. The Academy is focused on participants of age 16-19. Read more... more…