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Lithuanian Parliamentary Elections 2016 – First Round


It took more than 24 hours for the Central Electoral Commission to count the votes and declare the winner. Right before midnight on October 10th it became ultimately clear that the Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats (HU-LCD) received 1441 votes more than the Peasant and Greens Union and won the first round of the parliamentary elections of 2016. HU-LCD has already won 21 parliamentary seats after the first round, two seats more than the Peasants and Greens Union. more…

Elisabeth Bauer, Augustina Zamuškevičiūtė | October 20, 2016

Parliamentary Elections in Lithuania, October 2016

With no party expected to win by a clear margin, Lithuania eagerly awaits the outcome of the parliamentary election

The current ruling centre-left coalition, shaken by corruption allegations, is seeking re-election in the upcoming voting. Latest election polls show that the leading party, the Social Democrats, is still in the pole position in spite of a gradual decline of the ratings. The Lithuanian Peasant and Greens Union, which did not pass the 5% threshold in 2012, could become a major player as it firmly sits in second place. The rising support for the Peasant and Greens Union opens up new opportunities for coalition building. more…

Elisabeth Bauer, Linas Kojala, Augustina Zamuškevičiūtė | October 4, 2016

Lithuania in Focus

History, Corruption and Coming Elections

In October 2016 national elections will take place in Lithuania. In this report, we focus on the current state of politics and the topics dominating the public debate in early 2016. more…

Elisabeth Bauer, Linas Kojala | March 11, 2016

German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel visits Lithuania

On the 6th of September German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel visited Lithuania on the invitation of Lithuanian State President Dalia Grybauskaitė. Previously the visit of German Chancellor had to take place in the beginning of June, during the BDF and the CBSS Summits. German Chancellor Angela Merkel had to cancel her visit in June because of the resignation of the German State President Horst Köhler (Publication in German). more…

Andreas Michael Klein, Rita Lapinienė | September 7, 2010

Lithuania has elected!

Parliamentary Elections 2008

The EPP member party Homeland Union/Lithuanian Christian Democrats won the first round of the parliamentary election held on 12th of October. The Homeland Union with his leader Andrius Kubilius gained 19.70% votes and has already 18 seats in the Lithuanian Parliament. The second best result has the National Resurrection Party by the Entertainer Arūnas Valinskas, which gained 15.10% of the votes and 13 seats. Next comes the Order and Justice Party by the Ex-President Rolandas Paksas with 12.68% votes and 11 seats in the Parliament. The governing party Social Democrats gained only 11.72% votes. more…

Andreas Michael Klein, Rita Lapinienė | October 17, 2008

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