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Education in Malaysia: Unifying or Divisive?

MSRC-KAS Inter-Cultural Discourse Series III

Education, a contrivance to build nations and individual character, might also inadvertently erect barriers between peoples and cultures. While education in Malaysia has helped the nation a long way in producing a rapidly developing country, concerns about the state of racial polarisation in society and schools have emerged to provoke a renewal of debate about the state and objectives of education in this country. This publication, limited as it is, hopes, however, to bring additional perspectives to this continuing debate of national importance. mehr…

1. April 2004

Principles and Practices of Good Governance: The Way Forward For Sabah

This publication hopes to complement the government's efforts in instilling greater awareness of and concern about the importance of good governance. mehr…

1. Januar 2004

Borneo Review Volume XIII Number 1, June 2002

Bi-Annual Journal

The Borneo Review is a Journal published bi-annually in the months of June and December. It contains articles on subject within the field of development, economics, politics and regional and international affairs of relevance to the East ASEAN and Southeast Asian region. mehr…

1. Dezember 2003