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September 18, 2009

Political Thought

New publication: 20 years after the fall of the Berlin wall: dealing with the past

1989-2009: The political landscape in Europe has changed dramatically. What can we learn about the secrets of the past? And how far are we in understanding the repressive regimes of the last century? A look at the process of coming to terms with countries' past authoritarianism. more…

September 1, 2009

20 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall: dealing with the past

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung together with the Institute for Democracy organises a round-table discussion on why the events of 20 years ago are still relevant in our societies today. Find out more more…

July 23, 2009

The Economic Crisis

Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Two government ministers, the Vice-Governor of the National Bank and several influential businessmen discussed the impact of the crisis and possible strategies for economic recovery. The findings of this constructive dialogue were to demand joint efforts in removing bureaucratic barriers to business and ensure a stable, lawful environment. Further reform efforts have to be made to restructure and diversify the economy, lift domestic consumption and maintain the balance of payment. more…

June 11, 2009

Check out the new issue of "Politicka Misla"!

The 26th issue of our political quarterly "Politicka Misla" has just been published. Its focus is on the relationship between politics and media. The publishers Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and the Institute for Democracy are pleased to present to you contributions on this topic from media experts of Macedonia and the region. more…

April 9, 2009

Great Interest in our conference "Market economies under pressure – Is there light at the end of the tunnel?”

With the Finance and Information Ministers & the Governor of the National Bank of Macedonia present, high-ranking decision-makers & businessmen discussed the implications of the global downturn before a large audience. Policy options for governments & companies are greatly reduced, but the participants see also light at the end of the tunnel. This makes a review of the existing mechanisms of financial regulation, business strategies, but also of the framework of our market economies necessary. more…

March 27, 2009

Elections and Governance: Implementing Democracy in Macedonia, in Europe

The KAS invites interested persons to participate on 2 April at our roundtable discussion which is organised together with the Institute of Democracy, on the relationship between elections and governance. Representatives and decision-makers from institutions will take part in the discussion. At the event the new issue of the "Political Thought" magazine dedicated to this topic will be presented by the organisers and several of the publication's authors. See our link to "publications". more…

March 12, 2009

Market economies under pressure: is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

Political decision-makers, entrepreneurs and economic experts from Macedonia, Germany, Serbia and Slovenia will debate the challenges and outlook for our national economies and our businesses. more…

February 23, 2009

Political journey to the Netherlands

The KAS and the Eduardo Frei Foundation organised a study trip to the Netherlands for young conservative politicians in order to exchange ideas and get positive experiences from their political counterparts. more…

February 3, 2009

EAST MEETS WEST: 20 Years after Fall of the Berlin Wall

The fall of the Wall marked a transition process in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. 20 years later, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung invited 20 students on a 2 day seminar in Mavrovo, to discuss the consequences to society and politics over the years. The seminar gave a possibility through lectures and open floor discussions to exchange views about the circumstances brought by the shift of the political systems as well as to talk about the personal observations on disclosing the past. more…

January 30, 2009

Round Table Discussion on the Values of Political Pluralism

Government and party representatives came together in order to discuss the values of political pluralism on the eve of the presidential and municipal elections in Macedonia. Before the background of German and European experiences and the “warm-up” to the European Parliament and German Bundestag elections 2009, Henri Bohnet (KAS), Stefan Dehnert (Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung) and EU Ambassador Fouere stressed the importance of political dialogue and constructive policy-making. more…