Macedonian Foreign Minister visits the Foundation Konrad Adenauer

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On 6 September, the Deputy Secretary General of the Foundation Konrad Adenauer, Dr. Gerhard Wahlers, had a bilateral meeting with the Macedonian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Nikola Dimitrov, and a high-ranking delegation of his ministry.

The nonpartisan career diplomat Dimitrov has been a member of the government of the new Social Democratic Prime Minister of Macedonia, Zoran Zaev, since June 2017. At the center of the discussion at the Foundation Konrad Adenauer were the reform processes in Macedonia, the challenging internal political situation, the new momentum for EU and NATO integration, but above all the bilateral relations of Skopje to its neighboring countries.

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Macedonia, September 6, 2017

Mazedonischer Außenminister Nikola Dimitrov und Dr. Gerhard Wahlers

Macedonian Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov and Dr. Gerhard Wahlers