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The Konrad Adenauer Foundation in cooperation with Association LEAD on 20.11.2017 organized the Conference for strengthening the student participation in decision making in the secondary schools in Macedonia.

The Conference was the final piece of a two-year process in which KAS and LEAD worked together on strengthening the High-School Councils of 6 secondary schools in Macedonia and made the national research for student involvement in decision making process which was promoted on the Conference.

In addition, a promotional video was released presenting the project and the need for student participation. The video is available on the following link -

The Conference was supported Mrs. Renata Deskoska – Minister for Education, who made an opening speech to the event, reaffirming the commitment of the ministry for improving the participation of the students.

Despite the promotion of the research, the event was attended by 130 persons, teachers and students from more than 60 school from Macedonia. They had the chance to share opinions and in six working groups regarding the possible challenge of the changes in the Law for Secondary Education in the field of student participation in decision making.

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Macedonia, November 22, 2017