KAS Journalism Scholarships: Call for Applications

Young journalists from Sub-Saharan Africa can now apply for a scholarship to study journalism at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. KAS Media Africa will provide funding for a one year, full-time Honours or Master’s Degree with the Wits Journalism Programme. more…

Mandela Day 2015 at the Sowetan Methodist Community Center

Last week, KAS Media Africa visited the residents of the Sowetan Methodist Community Center to celebrate Mandela Day with them. With watercolor, crayons and paper sponsored by the Johannesburg-based NGO 1000Drawings, the children made their own contribution to charity - just as Madiba would have liked it. more…

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Video: E-lection Bridge in Dakar

Watch the Video of KAS Media Africa​'s biggest E-lection Bridge conference so far in Dakar. Almost 50 participants from 15 countries came together to exchange their ideas on political communication. It was also the first E-lection Bridge taking place in a francophone country, bridging English-speaking and French-speaking Africa. more…



to KAS Media Programme for Sub-Sahara Africa. A free and independent media is a crucial element of democracy. That is why we are committed to a diverse media landscape to guarantee the monitoring role of journalism, fair media laws and and skilled political communication, with a particular focus on digitalization.



Nov. 2 - 4

Power Reporting 2015

Nov. 11 - 13

African Media Leaders Forum (AMLF)

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July 1 - 3

Radio Days Africa 2015

May 25 - 28

E-lection Bridge Dakar


KAS Media Africa Scholarship: Call for Applications

KAS Media Africa is offering two scholarships for promising, young (under 30) journalists from Sub-Saharan Africa to do a full-time Honours or Masters Degree at the University of Witwatersrand's Journalism Programme in [...] more…

Young lawyers learn to defend media freedom in East Africa

If journalists are the frontline in the battle to protect media freedom, then the last line of defense is perhaps the idealistic lawyers with the smarts to challenge restrictions by taking litigation beyond national courts [...] more…

Mandela Day 2015 at the Sowetan Methodist Community Center

Jumping with skipping ropes, wheelbarrow racing and playing soccer: On Friday, the KAS Media Africa staff and friends visited the residents of the Sowetan Methodist Community Center and celebrated Mandela Day together with them. more…

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