Panel on #AfricaBlogging at re:publica in Berlin

KAS Media Africa invited ‪three bloggers‬ from Sub-Sahara Africa to attend a panel at re:publica in Berlin. The conference about digital culture is one of the largest worldwide. The discussion on political blogging in Sub-Sahara Africa can be watched online. more…

Pan-African Campaign to Strengthen Freedom of Speech

KAS Media Africa has been playing an active part in the pan-African Decriminalisation of Expression campaign. Spearheaded by Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression and Access to Information in Africa, Pansy Tlakula, it aims to rid Africa of criminal defamation, insult, false news and sedition laws. more…

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Video: Power Reporting 2014

Watch KAS Media Africa’s Video about Power Reporting 2014. Under the slogan “Be inspired. Improve your skills. Learn something new”, the conference was held for the 10th time at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg in November 2014. more…



to KAS Media Programme for Sub-Sahara Africa. A free and independent media is a crucial element of democracy. That is why we are committed to a diverse media landscape to guarantee the monitoring role of journalism, fair media laws and and skilled political communication, with a particular focus on digitalization.



May 25 - 28

E-lection Bridge Dakar

July 1 - 3

Radio Days Africa 2015

Nov. 2 - 4

Power Reporting 2015

Nov. 11 - 13

African Media Leaders Forum (AMLF)

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#AfricaBlogging at re:publica 2015 in Berlin

KAS Media Africa hosted a #AfricaBlogging panel at this year's re:publica in Berlin and invited bloggers from Kenya and Uganda to discuss the state of political blogging in Africa. Moreover, the upcoming launch of the [...] more…

“Charlie Hebdo” from an African perspective

Several weeks after the attacks on the satire magazine “Charlie Hebdo” the flood of ever new headlines, Twitter posts and Blog entries, the world-wide campaign “Je suis Charlie”, as well as the many discussions regarding the [...] more…

KAS Media Africa holds "Teaching Business Journalism" Workshop in Johannesburg

At a workshop following this year's Power Reporting conference in Johannesburg, participants from eight sub-Saharan countries discussed possible improvements in teaching business journalism at their universities. The one-day [...] more…

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