#AfricaBlogging at re:publica TEN

A group of 15 bloggers from #AfricaBlogging, a network for political bloggers from sub-Saharan Africa, went to Berlin to visit Europe’s largest conference for bloggers and digital experts, re:publica TEN. During a panel on "Social Media Shutdowns and Elections in Africa", three bloggers discussed the implications of online regulation in their countries. more…

How Africa Tweets

Africa outstrips US and UK in using Twitter for political conversations

A study by Portland Communications analysed 1.6 billion tweets and the top 5,000 hashtags on the continent to find that Twitter in Africa is used less for commercial campaigns than in other parts of the world, but features more serious debates about politics and government. more…

Workshop African Economic Journalism in Nairobi

In mid-March, KAS Media Africa gathered twelve journalism teachers from eleven African countries for a three-day “train the trainer” workshop in Nairobi, Kenya. Participants discussed the lack of appropriate training opportunities for economic journalism even though many African countries have a shortage of skilled business journalists. more…



to KAS Media Programme for Sub-Sahara Africa. A free and independent media is a crucial element of democracy. That is why we are committed to a diverse media landscape to guarantee the monitoring role of journalism, fair media laws and and skilled political communication, with a particular focus on digitalization.



June 29 - July 1

Radio Days Africa 2016

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May 16 - 19

E-lection Bridge Africa

Apr. 28 - May 5
Study and Information Program

Study and Dialogue Programme for Bloggers and Journalists from Sub-Sahara Africa

Mar. 14 - 16

How to Teach Economic Journalism


#AfricaBlogging at re:publica TEN

Study and Dialogue Program explores digital Berlin

Celebrating its tenth consecutive year, re:publica - Europe’s largest conference for bloggers and digital experts – recently welcomed more than 7 000 participants from all over the world to Berlin. A group of 15 bloggers from [...] more…

Workshop African Economic Journalism in Nairobi

"How to teach Economic Journalism"

Stock prices, corporate balance sheets and inflation – these are the sort of topics that many journalists would prefer to avoid. Perhaps that is why business journalism is regarded as an unpopular specialization in Africa. But it [...] more…

Workshop in Network Security in Johannesburg

"Surveillance, Privacy and Net neutrality"

How safe are we while surfing the Internet? Are we indeed under surveillance? And what can we do to protect our data on the network? These questions were answered by Constanze Kurz, from Germany’s Chaos Computer Club in a [...] more…

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