Launch of Media Law Handbook for Eastern Africa

KAS Media Africa’s latest publication was launched at the Aga Khan University GSMC in Nairobi last week. Author and media law expert Justine Limpitlaw gave a keynote talk about legal trends in the region, followed by a discussion with lawyers from the region. The handbook is available for download free of charge. more…

Workshop about Hate Speech on the Internet

How can online communication be controlled without affecting the right to free speech? 35 representatives from government, media and civil society discussed the new South African bill against online hate speech at a workshop organized by Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) and KAS Media Africa. more…

Vorstellung der Praktikantin Anna-Lena Laemmle, Forschungsaufenthalt Januar und Februar 2017

Research Visit at KAS Media Africa

Anna-Lena Lämmle will support KAS Media Africa in the course of a research visit until the end of February. She will be helping in organizing and reporting of events and assist in research assignments. Anna-Lena is studying Culture and Economy at University of Mannheim and is already familiar with the country after having volunteered in South Africa for a year.



to KAS Media Programme for Sub-Sahara Africa. A free and independent media is a crucial element of democracy. That is why we are committed to a diverse media landscape to guarantee the monitoring role of journalism, fair media laws and and skilled political communication, with a particular focus on digitalization.


Previous events

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Experts' Meeting

Launch of KAS Media Law Handbook for Eastern Africa

Feb. 1 - 3

Radio Week East Africa 2017

Nov. 7 - 9

The African Investigative Journalism Conference 2016

Oct. 13 - 15

#AfricaBlogging 2016


Launch of Media Law Handbook for Eastern Africa in Nairobi

KAS Media Africa’s latest publication, the Media Law Handbook for Eastern Africa was launched last week at the Aga Khan University Graduate School of Media and Communication in Nairobi. Lawyers, journalists, academics and [...] more…

Lively discussion of the Draft of Hate Speech at Media Monitoring Africa workshop

“How can online hate speech be restricted without affecting the right to free speech?“ – Thirty five representatives from government, media and civil society discussed this question at a workshop in the middle of January [...] more…

The politics of the new normal

Young African politicians discuss new campaigning strategies

How does the rise of populism in the US and Europe affect politics and campaigns on the African continent? This question was passionately debated by 16 young politicians from nine African countries at the E-lection Bridge Academy [...] more…

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