KAS E-lection Bridge 2014

June 8 Sunday


June 8 - 11, 2014


Umhlanga, Südafrika


Oliver Röseler, CDU-Marketingchef; Dr. Klaus Schüler, Bundesgeschäftsführer CDU Deutschlands; Heather Thuynsma, Thuynsma & Associates



For the fourth time the KAS E-lection Bridge brings leading campaign experts from Subsahara-Africa and Europe together at one table. The focus of the conference was campaign strategy, working with media and inner party democracy

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How does one reach out for voters? How does a political party send its political messages in a way that they are heard? How can a successful campaign strategy look like? And how does one deal with mass media professionally? Those are some of the questions which were discussed with top-flight participants from twelve African countries and Germany at this year’s E-lection Bridge Conference in Durban, South Africa. Inspiring presentations of the German experts, panel discussions and workshops were the platforms for the exchange between the communication experts of the participating countries.

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