Radio Week East Africa 2017

February 1 Wednesday


February 1 - 3, 2017


Imperial Royale Hotel Kampala, Uganda



Radio Week is East Africa’s premier radio event, bringing together radio professionals from every market size. It is a destination for radio people from all over world, and meeting point for the East African radio industry, both private and public.

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The conference is directed at people interested in radio and the future of radio. It is the only place where radio leaders and producers across East Africa can meet and share the best radio of today and discuss the future of radio. The mission is to educate broadcasters in the region, to spread good ideas and to make better radio for the listeners.

Topics include: Breakout sessions in programming, HD Radio, podcasting, marketing, ratings, ad sales, technical aspects, digital media, new revenues, journalism, legal aspects, business strategies, financial considerations, music industry relations, social networks, international opportunities, innovations in radio and more.

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Christian Echle

Director Regional Programme Political Dialogue Asia

Christian Echle
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