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June 5, 2012

Political Communication in the region:

E-lection Bridge Africa - The Story Continues

Political Communication up-close: A rally by opposition party CHADEMA was one the highlights of the summit meeting "KAS E-lection Bridge Africa" in Dar/Tanzania. You can now read the report about the workshop of African and German campaign experts in full - more…

May 22, 2012
Dr. Schüler im Interview closer

Regional Summit in Tanzania:

Dr. Schüler speaking at KAS E-lection Bridge in Dar

For the second edition of the regional conference highlight "KAS E-lection Bridge Africa", thirty campaign experts from the region meet in Dar, Tansania. The keynote speaker will be Dr. Klaus Schüler, CDU federal general manager from Germany, who also attended the premiere last year in Ghana (photo).

April 24, 2012

E-lection Bridge Africa in Namibia:

Regional exchange is the way to go

Two days full of exciting discussions and valuable insights: KAS E-lection Africa brought together campaign experts from six African countries. The focus: political marketing and branding for democratic opposition parties. Read the full report - more…

March 22, 2012

Exclusive Regional Report

Kony 2012 – A closer look

The activist video “Kony 2012” is an online sensation. It also redefined what social media can achieve. South Africa’s leading online journalist Chris Roper takes a closer look at the phenomenon. more…

March 20, 2012

KAS E-lection Bridge Africa presents:

Interview with Daviz Simango from Mozambique

The chairman of the "Movimento Democratico de Mocambique" (on the left) explains to KAS Media Africa Director Markus Brauckmann why he is careful with promises in his speeches, and which role cell phones play for political communication in Mozambique. more…

March 13, 2012
Heather Thuynsma, Jake Obetsebi Lamptey

Political Communication in Ghana:

Successful collaboration continues

At the request of the opposition in Ghana, this week KAS Media Africa continues working in the field of Political Communication - in close cooperation with KAS Accra. Heather Thuynsma, an expert from the US (pictured right), facilitates the program with several seminars dealing with media and strategic training.

March 13, 2012

E-lection Bridge Africa West in Accra:

Political Communication in the Election Year

Pleased faces at the closing group picture in Accra: For two days, regional opposition’s politicians completed successfully theoretical and practical exercises dealing with media and communication strategies. The seminar took place in close cooperation with KAS Ghana. Read the full report here – more…

February 14, 2012
Soweto TV Desmond Latham

Kick-off Workshop:

Successful collaboration with Soweto TV continues in 2012

Resuming after the break: KAS Media Africa started the year with the first in a series of five workshops at Soweto TV - bringing the Investigative Journalism Manual into a regional community TV station. Facilitator Desmond Latham (pictured) shared techniques with the independent broadcaster's team.

January 17, 2012

New Report: South Africa & The Media

2011 in review - looking ahead to 2012

Exclusively for the regional media programme of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Chris Roper (photo) reviews the media year 2011 in South Africa. The online editor of the continent’s leading weekly “Mail & Guardian” also looks ahead and points out the challenges in 2012. Read the full regional report from Johannesburg here – more…

January 9, 2012

KAS E-lection Bridge Africa presents:

The first interview of 2012 - with Michelle Fondo from Kenya

The KAS initiative "E-lection Bridge Africa" is continuing its successful web activities in 2012: The first interview of the year features Michelle Fondo from Kenya (photo) who is active in the presidential election campaign in that country. Read the whole interview now - more…