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The struggle to end female genital mutilation in Africa
200 million women live with the consequences of female genital mutilation (FGM), the majority of them in Africa. Author Rakotomalala explains this cruel, centuries-old tradition of female genital mutilation. People practicing the ritual believe that a woman’s sexuality can be controlled by removing parts of the genitalia, so that she will be a good wife. The consequences on the affected women’s sexual health are considered a crime against humanity. The origin of the problem is ignorance and a lack of information about the danger of circumcision.

What the rest of Africa really thinks about South Africa
South Africa is considered to be the gateway into the continent and has mediated between North and global South in recent years. Surprisingly, research conducted by the University of Pretoria found that other African countries don’t always appreciate the self-declared role as a spokesperson for the continent. They criticize how South Africa seems to isolate itself and it doesn’t act like a part of the continent, following only its own economic interest.

Get Rich or Die Trying: The Chinese multinational scamming millions from Ugandans
James Wan wrote a detailed and vivid report on TIENS in Uganda – a Chinese company that claims to be able to diagnose diseases and sells herbal medicine originating from China. TIENS entered the Ugandan market in 2003 and has an annual turnover of about $6million. The company seems to fulfill the needs of a problematic healthcare system in Uganda. Hundreds of patients consult them every day, buy expensive products and believe the diagnoses from doctors who make no secret of not having any education.

Mobile Phones offer a new way for Africa’s students to learn programming
Access to laptop computers remains difficult in most universities in Africa. This is a problem especially for programming students who need to practice their acquired skills. IT is a growing job field worldwide, which is why African students have to be taught reasonably. Chao Mbogo is a Kenyan teacher of Computer Science – she claims that programming can be practiced using a smartphone and has analysed the advantages of mobile devices for programming in a study.

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