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Kenya’s protracted health crisis is an indictment on the country’s leadership
The nationwide doctors’ strike in Kenya seems unending. For over 90 days, striking doctors have been demanding the full implementation of a contentious collective bargaining agreement. Neither President Uhuru Kenyatta or his Health Cabinet Secretary Dr. Cleopa Mailu, nor the ministry’s Principal Secretary William Ruto found it to be necessary to attend the negotiations process with the doctors union officials. Instead, Dr. Cleopa Mailu, in total disregard for the law that prohibits public servants from engaging in politics, was actively involved in monitoring voter registration.

Rashida Mulenga: Kalulushi Mayor with an ambitious plan
Last year Rashida Mulenga was elected mayor of Kalulushi, a town in Zambia's copperbelt province. At 33 years old she is one of the youngest mayors in Zambia, as well as one of very few female councillors in Kalulushi. The ambiguous woman, who is the mother of seven children and studied Business Administration in South Africa, wants to transform her city into an industrial town. Her plan is to relocate the Central Business district to the eastern part of the town, move most government departments and start to construct shopping malls and hotels.

Fake News is about Journalism, not Social Media
Is journalism in Africa threatened by fake news? Late last year rumours about the death of Malawi’s president Peter Mutharika began spreading on social media and some questionable online news channels. The fake news was caused by a lack of communication on the whereabouts of the President in the weeks after the UN General Assembly gathering in the USA. #AfricaBlogging author Jimmy Kainja points out that fake news is much more dangerous when coming from the official news media and social media should not bear the blame as this lazy thinking could lead to further oppression by autocratic governments.

Youth Accountability in the East African Community
According to blogger Kamal Dickson, integration as an aspirational process and progressive goal is in the hands of East Africa’s youth, since young people in the East African Community (EAC) constitute more than 63% of the population. Dickson himself is the Youth Ambassador of Tanzania and is convinced that the East African youth are not engaged enough in decision-making bodies and the development agenda. He calls on Job Ndugai, the current Speaker of the Tanzanian Parliament, to make sure that the youth will to be sufficiently represented at the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA).

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