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U.S. Shoots Itself in the Foot over Visas for Africans
The annual African Global Economic and Development Summit, hosted by the University of Southern California, sets out to bring together business, government, and others interested in US-African trade and investment. However, actual communication and exchange was not possible this year, since, according to the Voice of America (VOA), all Africans that had been invited or applied to attend were denied US visas, including speakers and African government officials. If the Department of State budget is cut by up to thirty percent, as the Trump administration proposes, the current unfavorable situation will probably get worse.

Surviving the Water
Floods are a devastating problem in Nigeria. In September last year, a flood left the Anambra state in ruin. The 2012 Nigeria floods alone killed over 100 people and the damages displaced over 2 million. Blogger Adaora Okoye believes that self-help is the best measure to prepare the population for such natural disasters. She suggests the introduction of preparation seminars to educate people about potential safety measures, which could eventually make the difference to survival chances.

Anger, Ideology and Political Activism in Zimbabwe
Past, present and possibly the emerging realities of activism in Zimbabwe are discussed by #Africanblogging contributor Takura Zhangazha. Instead of being guided by the anger of those involved, activism must be based on a definitive framework. Zhangazha sees a problem in the politicization of activism, but believes that the solution consists in incremental small changes, instead of big modifications.

Africa’s teeming unemployed youth are making risky bets on their future
TwinKas is a new so-called “investment plan” booming in Nigeria. It promises quick prosperity and wealth for its members. Even though thousands of Nigerians have lost money from investing in pyramid schemes, there’s never a shortage of others willing to enroll when new schemes pop up. While online-gambling via smartphone flourishes in Kenya, Uganda’s gambling businesses are made mainly on soccer at local betting shops. Because of the teeming unemployment rate in African countries, gambling and pyramid schemes are often mistaken as a profitable business model.

Gender dysphoria and gender reassignment
Is a child able to make the decision about a gender reassignment? This topic is addressed by #Africanblogging contributor Jacques Rousseau. He shows how difficult it is to respect a child’s autonomy and decisions on the one hand, and to not overestimate their maturity and farsightedness on the other hand. According to Rousseau, the solution can only be to look at each individual case, to evaluate psychologically and to keep irreversible

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