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Nationwide anti-Zuma marches
Since South Africa’s president Jacob Zuma reshuffled his cabinet last week, including axing Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan, the public’s reaction has been thick and fast. Today South Africans are gathering for nationwide demonstrations against the President. Those not attending will be following the live blogs:,,

Want To Get Rich? – Join Politics
The decision of Zambia’s ruling and opposition parties to award a monthly allowance to ward councilors across the country and the opposition UPND Members of Parliament boycotting President Edgar Lungu’s State of Nation address, prompted #Africablogging’s Bruce Chooma to call for a fresh reflection on this matter. African politicians like Jacob Zuma and Edgar Lungu earn an unreasonably high salary compared to the average income of the population as well as other international politicians. Chooma suspects many people only choose the profession of politican because of personal enrichment, rather than for serving the country.

In Rural Mozambique, Bank-Funded Irrigation Systems Bring Back Life and Hope to Small Farmers
Droughts, a lack of irrigation systems, soil salinization and increasing production costs plunged many Mozambique farmers into ruin. The World Bank is now supporting the government of Mozambique’s Sustainable Irrigation Development Project (PROIRRI), providing around $70 million in financing. Newly built canals use gravity to encourage a flow of water along the fields, covering 20 times the area initially irrigated. The project covers the provinces Sofala, Manica and Zambezia and gives farmers in Mosambique hope for a better future.

Inhumane Oddities to Zimbabwean Life. Thanks to State and Private Capitalism.
Africanblogging contributor Takura Zhangazha suspects Zimbabwean ambulances value money over the lives of their patients. The blogger writes about a comrade who was recently involved in a car accident as a pedestrian, and had to call an ambulance. Instead of asking medical relevant questions, the paramedics were mainly interested in his medical aid scheme. Zhangazha calls for readers to take this incident as a reminder to grant their fellow citizens the respect and appreciation they deserve.

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