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The morning after
Blogger John Campbell gives an overview on the happenings and reactions in South Africa, after the cabinet reshuffle performed by President Jacob Zuma, and the national protests that followed. He also gives an outlook on political actions, made by the ruling party and opposition, which may occur. Especially for the ruling ANC, the vote of no confidence seems to be a lose-lose situation.

The girl child is not weak or less smart
Girls and women in African countries like Kenya and Uganda have to deal with a various number of problems in their daily lives. The dropout rate for instance, is significantly higher amongst girls, than amongst their male counterparts. One big contributor is the poor management of the monthly menstruation cycle. Although successful and emancipated women like Julia Sebutinde and Margaret Mungherera show that the female gender is not inferior at all. An important future task must be, to credit women and girls the same skills and status as the male population.

Uganda: Stella Nyanzi charged for calling President Museveni a “pair of buttocks”
A debate ignited between academic Stella Nyanzi and Janet Museveni, Ugandas Minster of Education and First Lady, because the Minister denied providing free sanitary pads to school girls. Stella Nyanzi called, thereupon, for demonstrations against Museveni and called her a “pair of buttocks”. As a result, the academic was charged and has been subjected to a travel ban, she also lost her job as a fellow researcher at the University and her family was intimidated. Author Bwesigye Bwa Mwesigire considers this procedure as a violation of Nyanzis human rights.

African migrants are being sold as slaves in open markets in Libya
African migrants trying to reach Europe by way of Libya are being sold at so called “slave markets.” The International Organization for Migration (IOM) reports that, depending on their skills and therefore their value, they get auctioned off in car parks, garages and public squares. According to the chief IOM spokesman in Geneva, migrants who go to Libya while trying to get to Europe, have no idea about the torture that awaits them just over the border.

All our faves are problematic
Bloggerin Sisonke Msimang introduces the book "Purple Hibiscus", written by Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie, a Nigerian writer, who now partly lives in the USA. The author writes about feminism, her home country Nigeria and other topics. She inspired readers like Msimang. Nevertheless, Blogger Msimang takes her as an example to criticize the #Blackgirlsmagic movement, which is supposed to support and encourage black females, but only takes sophisticated women like Michelle Obama as examples. She encourages people to not only focus on successful role models, but also take normal people into consideration.

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