Top of the Blogs 2017 #18

Why I’ve chosen social media silence about Zimbabwe

Blogger Fungai Machirori looks back on the 2008 elections in Zimbabwe with her personal story during the events. Zimbabweans really believed in change with these elections and waited for the results with hope. Nevertheless, when the results were released more than 30 days after the elections, the hope was gone. A few years later, Machirori, an activist with a strong voice in her country replies to the people that tell her: “You’ve become so quiet” by saying that her main problem “with Zimbabwean debate and discussion is that it remains rigidly black and white”.

“We lose entire communities in the blink of an eye and people do not seem to look.”

As blogger Hilary Matfess describes it, “the crisis in Lake Chad Basin is one of the most desperate, and neglected, in the world.” Boko Haram has decimated the agriculture and trade routes of the region. The humanitarian crisis is critical, though not like crises in other countries such as Afghanistan: “Here, we lose entire communities in the blink of an eye and people do not seem to look.” Even though the humanitarian crisis has been categorized L3 (the most pressing category of crisis), the international community and the governments are not getting involved at a sufficient level to save lives in the region.

Who’s keeping an eye on South Africa’s spies? Nobody, and that’s the problem

It is not the first time that the South African’s intelligence services are involved in scandal and controversy. Recently, one of the contenders to the presidential succession race in the governing African National Congress (ANC), Cyril Ramaphosa, “has been smeared in an apparent covert operation”. The problem with the South African secret services is that they are operating secretly and with minimal oversight, therefore nobody knows exactly what they are doing. A cause of this dysfunction is that the intelligence services haven’t been adequately transformed since the Apartheid era and haven’t followed the democratization of the country. The article gives five factors explaining the current crisis in the South African secret services.

China’s vision of itself as the world’s peacekeeper starts in Africa
The article by Lily Kuo, accompanied by a short documentary by the China Global Television network (promoting the Chinese peacekeeping troops with eloquence), looks back on the training of China’s first official standby peacekeeping police force. In Africa, more than 2,400 Chinese troops are part of seven different UN peacekeeping missions. The country, a member of the Security Council, wants to affirm its role as a leader in peacekeeping operations alongside countries that have been leaders in the field for decades such as France.

Counterterrorism Partner Chad Included in New Travel Ban

Chad has been included on the list of countries affected by the travel ban of President Donald Trump. “To include Chad on that list is, to say least, bewildering,” says blogger John Campbell. The country is a key ally of the United States and France in the fight against terrorism in the Trans Sahara. The article considers this decision, the reasons suggested and consequences.

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