Top of the Blogs 2017 #19

Burundi’s newest, biggest rebel group

“On 27 August, Burundian rebel leader Major General Jérémie Ntiranyibagira announced the reorganization of the militant group, the Republican Forces of Burundi (Forebu). Via a recorded statement, he declared a name change to the Popular Forces of Burundi (FPB) and called on other rebels opposed to the government of President Pierre Nkurunziza to join them.” This article by blogger Jordan Anderson looks back on the history of the Popular Force of Burundi, Forebu, its struggles and possible evolution.

Trump’s Africa policy is still incoherent, but key signals are emerging

Since his election at the end of 2016, we have heard very little about President Donald Trump’s policies concerning Africa. His recent speech during the 72nd UN General Assembly in New York gave some indications on the matter yet without a lot of details. Trump talked about economy and security the day after at a luncheon organized with nine African countries. The president didn’t mention new projects between the U.S. and Africa but he also didn’t denounce the actions of his predecessor Barack Obama.

Africa’s demographic dividend will turn to a liability if we don’t prepare for it

The aging of the world’s population is a crucial issue nowadays. Management guru Peter Drucker was already affirming it in 1998: “Demographics are the single most important factor that nobody pays attention to, and when they do pay attention, they miss the point.” Former president of Nigeria Olusegun Obasanjo agrees with Drucker. For the past leader of the most populous country in Africa, “demographics are at the heart of the myriad of challenges African countries need to address.”

Cameroon’s Anglophone crisis is escalating. Here’s how it could be resolved
20% of the population in Cameroon is Anglophone. In 2016, their anger was sparked off “by the government’s refusal to respond to Anglophone lawyers who were aggrieved at the nomination of magistrates who neither spoke English well enough nor were trained in British common law.” Some teachers and students progressively joined the demonstrations and movement to express their concerns that their way of life being progressively taken over by Francophone practices. On 22 September massive protests lead to the death of six protesters.

Women Around the World: This Week

In this week’s article from the “Women Around the World” series, the author looks back on the girl victims of Boko Haram in Nigeria. More than one hundred of them were released and will return to school soon after three years. Nevertheless the girls still face a lot of challenges such as stigma and discrimination in the society after months of medical treatments.

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