KAS Media Cooperation Policy

After receiving an application, the KAS Sub-Sahara Media Programme will debate the merits and feasibility of the proposed project internally and with other stakeholders, if required.

The KAS will assess the direct positive impact of the project to the enhancing of the standard of journalism in Sub-Sahara Africa especially as this may relate to the ability of the media to support and sustain democracy. Priority will given to progressive projects that support media freedom, competence and accountability, that are based on sound research of the real needs of the media and that add critical value to the practice of journalism in a country or the region.

Projects which involve partnerships or alliances and that emphasise the development of outputs that encourage information sharing, networking, innovative use of technologies to improve the work of journalists or delivery of media that promotes linguistic and cultural diversity may also receive positive consideration.

The project objectives, anticipated outcomes and capacity of the partner to ensure these deliverables will be judiciously assessed.

Projects may only be aimed at: journalists and other media workers, publishers, media owners, media unions, federations and politicians.

In general, applications for funding should reflect considerations on the following points

  • Information on your organisation and motivation
  • The project's overall goal as well as concrete, intermediate objectives
  • The type of activity and method chosen to achieve these objectives
  • Your target groups
  • Time frame (dates and duration of project)
  • Provisional programme (if applicable)
  • Detailed budget breakdown

It is not necessary but certainly an advantage to include some additional information in your application, such as

  • The procedures to monitor the project
  • Foreseen problems and their tackling
  • Evaluation methods after the conclusion of the project or phases thereof
  • Long-term sustainability of the project - especially after KAS involvement

Once the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung has approved a funding proposal, the details will be discussed in a meeting and a project contract drafted.

Requests for funds should not exceed 20 000 Euro and evidence should be demonstrated of an attempt to raise other funds.

Applicants will be informed in writing whether their project proposals have been approved.

Applications should be send to:

Christian Echle
Director Media Programme Sub-Sahara Africa
60 Hume Road
Dunkeld 2196/Johannesburg
Republic of South Africa
P.O.Box 55012, Northlands 2116
Tel. +27 11 214 2900
Fax +27 11 214 2913
Email: christian.echle@kas.de