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E-Lection Bridge Durban 2014

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Passionate discussions and a concentrated working-atmosphere on the first conference day: The E-Lection Bridge 2014 taking place in sunny Durban serves as a platform for political communicators of 12 different African countries for exchanging ideas about goals and problems of their daily work.

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E-Lection Bridge Africa 2014

Dr. Klaus Schüler, General Manager of the CDU Germany, opened the E-Lection Bridge Africa giving an insight about the campaign of the German General Elections 2013.

On the second day Dr. Klaus Schüler, General Manager of the CDU Germany, opened the E-Lection Bridge with giving an insight of the campaign strategy and organization of the German General Election 2013. He wanted to show the participants how a successfull campaign could look like ranging from positioning the candidate to spreading the key messages throughout the campaign.

In form of a panel discussion the question of inner party democracy was addressed. As an example McHenry Venaani, President of DTA Namibia, and Libolly Haufiku, Member Elections Comittee RDP Namibia, pointed out the different approaches towards a more effective democratic structure in their parties and how that works out. While McHenry Venaani pointed out the progresses his party made with regard to democratic structures, Libolly Haufiku and his party served as an example for the difficulties a party can have with a seriously ill party president unwilling to resign. All participants took part actively in the discussion about how to provide reliable inner party democracy.

In the evening Oliver Röseler, Head of Marketing and Internal Communications CDU Germany, gave a short introduction in what tools can be used to run a successfull campaign. Then he switched over to the more active part of the day, giving the participants the task to work out a message grid for their party and present it to the audience.

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