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E-Lection Bridge 2014 in Durban

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How do you get your political message sent? The second conference day of the E-Lection Bridge in Durban was focused on the topic of professional communication, ranging from interaction with mass media to performing in interview situations.

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E-Lection Bridge 2014

Getting the message right - that was the first task of the second conference day of the E-Lection Bridge 2014.

In the morning the participants had to formulate their politial messages and then present it to the audience. A lively exchange of ideas emerged and the participants shared their problems and gave advise to each other. Oliver Röseler, Head of Marketing CDU Germany, recommended to always send political messages with a positive connotation and to illustrate them with real-life examples.

In the ensuing panel discussion John Mrema, Director of CHADEMA TV Tanzania, and Perry Okudzeto, Head of Communications NPP Ghana, explained how to deal with mass media and journalists in a professional and successful way. Especially the Dos and Don'ts of media work that were established by Dr. Klaus Schüler, General Manager CDU Germany, aroused the interest of the audience.

In the afternoon, four candidates were chosen to perform in a live interview situation. Heather Thuynsma, Political Communication Expert, therefore took over the role of a journalist and asked some unpleasant questions. Subsequently the performance was actively discussed in the audience. The goal oft the workshop was to give the participants skills to professionally deal with mass media.

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