Angola prepares to go to the polls

With elections set for 23 August, all political parties in Angola are planning their campaigns to win the attention of the voters. KAS Media Africa, in partnership with the Angolan Institute for Electoral System and Democracy (IASED), shared their political campaigning expertise at a jointly-hosted three day multi-party stakeholder workshop in Luanda last month.

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The workshop, hosted in the Mediateca of Luanda focused on political communication and digital campaigns and was attended by representatives of all official political parties as well as civil society actors who wanted to contribute to the democratic electoral process by deepening their knowledge on political communication and how best to use social media in digital campaigning.

According to Director of the Angolan Institute for Electoral System and Democracy (IASED), Luis Jimbo, Political communication and digital campaigning fulfils a crucial role in modern democracies, as it boosts an exchange of information between governmental actors and citizens. During election campaigns and throughout the executive’s mandate, internet and social media increases the potential for more direct communication and political involvement between politicians and the citizens in our societies.

The multiparty approach ensured all parties contesting the election were prepared with practical knowledge on how to effectively generate electoral digital campaigns through the use of key social media channels and tools.

The workshop participants considered international best practices and specific digital political campaigns worldwide and in the Portuguese-speaking African countries. Other topics covered included the use of the internet for political communication and political participation, and ethics and responsibility in digital political campaigns.

The workshop set out to enhance responsible political participation across the Angolan political spectrum and civil society in the process consolidating the democratic rule of law, so important ahead of elections.

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