The future of radio in South Africa

Innovation and Trends

The following research by Sarah Beham explores the current trends and innovations in the South African radio landscape, the challenges facing radio stations and how they are adapting. It also considers the role of language, local content as well as the tradition of storytelling. more…

September 14, 2018

Première E-lection Bridge Academy francophone

Douze jeunes politiciens d'Afrique de l'Ouest se réunissent à Ouagadougou more…

Event Reports | August 23, 2018

Comparing press freedom in Africa and Germany

An interview with Christoph Plate, Head of the Sub-Saharan Africa Media Programme of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation

Social Media Guide more…

July 20, 2018

What brings foreign broadcasters to Africa?

Using the examples of China and Germany

In this paper we take a closer look at two global players: Germany with its programs for radio and TV through Deutsche Welle and one of the youngest actors on the world media stage: China, with the TV station CGTN, CRI radio, the news agency Xinhua and the newspaper China Daily, whose ap-pearance in Africa had been watched and analyzed closely. more…

July 19, 2018

"Use social media for your political work, but don´t be used by social media."

Christoph Plate, Director of the Media Programme Subsahara Africa, talks about the role of journalism in Africa.

The level of freedom of press is different in the 53 African countries. In South Africa people can say things that they can be jailed for in neighboring states, like Zimbabwe or Angola. Christoph Plate explains the current standard of liberty of press in Africa, the importance of fake news in the African society and how media companies can survive in spite of decreasing editions. more…

July 19, 2018