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Enjoy radio with all your senses, anywhere and anytime

What does radio of the future look like? It could be anything from a live on-air broadcast of a heart transplant to free podcasts on any imaginable topic, downloadable anywhere and anytime. These are just two of the ideas outlined in more than fifty presentations to around 200 delegates at Radio Days Africa 2015 which took place at Wits University in Johannesburg from 1st to 3rd of July. more…

Event Reports | July 6, 2015

First round of KAS Media Africa Scholars graduated at Wits University

The Wits Great Hall was the scene of great pomp and ceremony this week as graduands from the Faculty of Humanities donned academic robes and proudly strode across the stage to be capped by the Vice Chancellor, officially completing their academic journeys. more…

Event Reports | June 30, 2015

A Change of Perspectives

Study and dialogue programme about the relationship between media and politics in Germany

The relationship between the media and political parties in Sub-Saharan Africa is often strained and at worst dysfunctional. This is what motivated KAS Media Africa to generate a dialogue on how this relationship can be professionalised for the benefit of both target groups and the public. In mid-June a group of eleven young journalists and party officials spent a week in the German capital of Berlin undertaking an intensive study and dialogue programme aimed at illuminating the relationship between media and politics in Germany. more…

Event Reports | June 24, 2015

Bienvenue à E-lection Bridge

E-lection Bridge celebrates its first little jubilee in 2015: For the fifth time KAS Media Africa brings together African and German political communicators and innovators to exchange ideas and experiences, learn from each other and establish ties for future cooperation. With almost 50 participants from 15 countries it is not only the biggest E-lection Bridge so far, it is also the first that takes place in a francophone country, aiming at bridging English-speaking and French-speaking Africa. more…

Event Reports | June 3, 2015

#AfricaBlogging at re:publica 2015 in Berlin

KAS Media Africa hosted a #AfricaBlogging panel at this year's re:publica in Berlin and invited bloggers from Kenya and Uganda to discuss the state of political blogging in Africa. Moreover, the upcoming launch of the #AfricaBlogging platform was announced. more…

Event Reports | May 12, 2015