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Professional Political Communication and Media Effectiveness

E-lection Bridge 2014 in Durban

How does one reach out for voters? How does a political party send its political messages in a way that they are heard? How can a successful campaign strategy look like? And how does one deal with mass media professionally? Those are some of the questions which were discussed with top-flight participants from twelve African countries and Germany at this year’s E-lection Bridge Conference in Durban, South Africa. Inspiring presentations of the German experts, panel discussions and workshops were the platforms for the exchange between the communication experts of the participating countries. more…

Event Reports | June 13, 2014

Message Grid and Media Apperance

E-Lection Bridge 2014 in Durban

How do you get your political message sent? The second conference day of the E-Lection Bridge in Durban was focused on the topic of professional communication, ranging from interaction with mass media to performing in interview situations. more…

Event Reports | June 10, 2014

Clear messages, democratic structures – Political communication across Africa

E-Lection Bridge Durban 2014

Passionate discussions and a concentrated working-atmosphere on the first conference day: The E-Lection Bridge 2014 taking place in sunny Durban serves as a platform for political communicators of 12 different African countries for exchanging ideas about goals and problems of their daily work. more…

Event Reports | June 9, 2014

Working together for more Fairness in Africa’s Media Landscape

A Report on the Media Law Reform in Africa Conference in Cape Town by Christian Echle and Katharina Lang

In many African countries, freedom of expression and editorial independence of the media, are often only guaranteed on paper. In many cases media laws from the colonial era continue to be or are altered without contributing to a significant change. In countries with restrictive governments especially, journalists often face long-term jail sentences for writing critical reports, although the applied laws contradict the constitution. more…

Event Reports | December 5, 2013

„Swimming with Crocodiles“– Power Reporting 2013

More than 300 attendants at the 5th Conference for Investigative Journalists in Africa - by Katharina Lang

Investigative journalists often experience unequal balances of power. Especially when dealing with powerful corporations they have to show bravery and tenacity. David Barstow, journalist at the New York Times, calls this “Dancing with Elephants”. This Pulitzer-Prize winner uncovered one of the largest bribery scandals at Walmart in Mexico. Barstow shared his investigative story about Walmart at this year’s Power Reporting Conference and highlighted how important it was to prepare. more…

Event Reports | November 21, 2013