7th Annual Forum of Emerging Leaders in Asian Journalism

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

September 24 Monday


September 24 - 27, 2012


Yogyakarta, Indonesia



This annual gathering brought a select group of ACFJ-alumni, the Society of Asian Journalists (SAJ), together with journalism professionals and scholars to discuss and learn about current media issues.

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The topics for this year’s forum:

• Society of Asian Journalists (SAJ) and media development in Asia
• The news in multimedia: opportunities and challenges for press and society
• The EU financial crisis: implications to Asia and how the media is reporting it

ACFJ was established in 2000 with the mandate to promote good journalism in Asia by providing training and educational opportunities to Asian working journalists. It offers the Master of Arts - Major in Journalism, as well as Diploma in Multimedia Journalism and Diploma in Photojournalism.


Contact person

Paul Linnarz

Director KAS office USA

Paul Linnarz
Phone + 1 202 464 5840
Languages: Deutsch,‎ English,‎ Español

Britt Gehder

Programme Officer

Languages: Deutsch,‎ English