Asia's Media Innovators Volume 3 - Crowdsourcing in Asian journalism

An extract from our upcoming publication


As a preview to our upcoming publication Asia’s Media Innovators Volume 3: Crowdsourcing in Asian Journalism, we have uploaded an extracted chapter - a case study of from the Philippines, one of the most innovative media companies in the Asian region.

Link: Chapter 3 Innovation in the Philippines

Crowdsourcing occurs when media companies solicit content from the audience. Much of the time that process involves digital tools and invokes social media and social networking platforms to collect that content. Crowdsourcing represents a grassroots initiative that potentially could produce better journalism.

Asia’s Media Innovators Volume 3: Crowdsourcing in Asian Journalism, written by Stephen Quinn, describes a form of journalism where the audience contributes content and where media companies embrace those contributions, seeing the end product as a form of collaboration between audience and media with the aim of doing improved journalism.

The publication will be published on our website on Thursday, August 29th.

Topics include:

• Key concepts of crowdsourcing

• Recent major crowdsourcing initiatives

• Early pioneers of crowdsourcing in Asia

• Asian examples of crowdsourcing

• Key issues related to crowdsourcing

• Tools and sites for crowdsourced journalism

• Resources for further information