Adenauer Fellowship for Media and Communication

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Digital technologies increased the possibilities for Asian journalists on how to find and tell a story enormously. Today it is possible for every journalist to use multimedia or data visualization tools to illustrate different parts of their story. But on the other side Asian media houses are also facing rising expectations from readers and viewers as well as discussions on “fake news” and the shrinking trust of their readers and viewers.

The key for journalists to face these new demands and challenges is education. With the Adenauer Fellowship, KAS Media Programme Asia supports young journalists to pursue a Master degree in Journalism. Learning new journalistic tools, discussing media ethics, getting to know different business models and building a network throughout Asia for future research projects are focus areas of this degree.

With this fellowship programme we also want to support communication experts in their pursuit of professional enrichment and in their commitment to a free, viable and responsible communication in Asia. Our goal is to improve the dialogue between media and politics. Courses in political communication shall foster mutual understanding of both sides.

On our fellowship website we present our current fellows and alumni give an insight into their experiences throughout the programme.

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