Investigative Journalism Manual

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There are various factors influencing an investigative journalist´s strategy on how to conduct his research and investigation, depending on regional culture, involved sources or the investigated person/institution. Thus, there are no universal rules which steps an investigative journalist should take. With the Investigative Journalism Manual KAS Media Programme offers important insights into the fundamentals of investigative journalism. Throughout the eight chapters the reader gets an overview on how to verify leaks and rumors, how to find the right source, what the essentials during the research are, how to ask the right questions or how to maintain physical and digital security. For a deeper understanding we interviewed investigative journalists about their experiences during investigations.

It was important to us to make the manual available for journalists who do not speak English. Cooperating with Investigative Journalism Centres in Asia it was possible to translate the manual in Mongolian and Bahasa. Next year the Spanish and Nepali version will be published and languages will follow.

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