Geertje Algera: Put innovation ahead of fear

Geertje Algera trains mobile journalism and social video. She was the first mobile journalist at Dutch public TV network KRO-NCRV from 2014 to 2016. more…

June 13, 2018

Fellowship for Asian Investigative Journalists

The Adenauer Fellowship for Media & Communications and Correctiv are awarding a fellowship for Asian investigative journalists to do a three-month internship at the investigative newsroom in Berlin, Germany. For detailed information check the announcement below. Apply at Deadline is 18th June 2018. more…

May 25, 2018

Of Facebook Revolutions and Twitter Presidents

How Digitalisation Changes Political Decision-Making

In 2010, the internet was thought to be an instrument of global democratisation. But with the onset of the “Arab winter”, that hope has given way to severe disappointment. Now, the internet is even blamed for the increasing populism. An attempt at a sober assessment. more…

Torben Stephan | International Reports | April 16, 2018

Three Adenauer alumni awarded

We congratulate our Adenauer alumni Luis Liwanag, Chiara Zambrano and Che de los Reyes on the receiving of various awards. International juries found their video features on political and societal conflicts in the Philippines to be the best in their field. more…

Laura Marsch | April 12, 2018

Apply for the Adenauer Fellowship

We are opening the application cycle for this year’s Adenauer Fellowship on 16th April. Journalists and communication experts can apply for the scholarship to complete a post graduate study in the region. Deadline is 31st May 2018. Find more information about the requirements and the application process on more…

April 5, 2018