Blog - Environmental Journalism in Asia-Pacific

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The Asia-Pacific region is facing enormous environmental problems and the need for widespread, accurate, credible and regular media information on all aspects of the environment, climate, natural resources and energy is crucial to mitigate these issues as much as possible. Environmental Journalism, however, is a fairly new field.

Cover: Blog - Environmental Journalism in Asia-Pacific

    As part of our recent publication “Environmental Journalism in Asia-Pacific”, we have set up a blog posting regular updates and news entries that cover environmental issues, related initiatives, events, studies and expert papers from the region.

    The blog will be fed with RSS channels originating from sources listed in our publication such as media organizations, NGOs, government institutions and others involved in environment-related work.
    The news feed will also contain updates from all Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung offices in Asia on environmental topics.

    Apart from a news section, the website also provides brief descriptions and contact data of various environmental institutions all around the region.

    Blog - Environmental Journalism in Asia-Pacific