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Social Media and Elections in Asia-Pacific

The Growing Power of the Youth Vote

“Social Media and Elections in Asia-Pacific - The Growing Power of the Youth Vote” is a compilation of 10 chapters covering eleven nations in which our contributors from Malaysia, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand (Australasia), South Korea, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and Taiwan examine trends and outcomes surrounding recent elections in these countries. more…

Alastair Carthew, Simon Winkelmann | November 5, 2013

Media Programme launches KAS E-election Bridge Asia-Pacific

Dr. Klaus Schüler, CDU Managing Director, and Oliver Röseler, Marketing Head of the Christian Democrat Party, came to Bangkok to support the Media Programme Asia in initiating the KAS E-lection Bridge Asia-Pacific. more…

Torben Stephan | Event Reports | October 31, 2013

Data journalism in Asia

A collection of articles from members of the Society of Asian Journalists (SAJ)

What is data journalism? Both ‘data’ and ‘journalism’ are troublesome terms. Some people think of ‘data’ as any collection of numbers, most likely gathered on a spreadsheet. 20 years ago, that was pretty much the only sort of data journalists dealt with. more…

Simon Winkelmann | September 30, 2013

Asia’s Media Innovators Volume 3: Crowdsourcing in Asian Journalism

Crowdsourcing occurs when media companies solicit content from the audience. Much of the time that process involves digital tools and invokes social media and social networking platforms to collect that content. Crowdsourcing represents a grassroots initiative that potentially could produce better journalism. more…

Stephen Quinn | August 29, 2013

Bridging the cultural gaps in journalism training and education in Asia

Governments in parts of Asia and media scholars have alluded to a form of journalism that should reflect ‘Asian cultural values’ rather than defer to media practices and cultures of the West. These are commonly attributed to a cultural preference for consensus rather than confrontation, order and stability versus chaos and conflict, community good rather than individual rights, deference to authority, and respect for elders. more…

Eric Loo | July 24, 2013