Journalistic Research training on Corruption and Judicial Affairs

March 14 Thursday


March 14 - 16, 2013


Bucharest, Romania



Corruption scandals in politics and economics, doubtful arrangements behind the curtains, lack of transparency and access to public information.

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Such phenomena characterize everyday life in most transformation countries and provide turmoil South European societies. This determines the important role of media and especially of investigative journalists in this region. They should play their role of a society watch dog professionally and competently.

To do a sophisticated journalistic research requires not only courage and a fine sense, but also special knowledge in this field, good information networks and familiarity with exclusive tips and tricks of this genre. These indispensable skills are going to be mediated at a workshop of the KAS Media Program South East Europe from March 14th -16th 2013 in Bucharest. Law and media experts, as well as specialists on access to public information and online research are going to speak in front of journalists from Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova about efficient research techniques on corruption and judicial affairs.

The workshop is organized in cooperation with the KAS Rule of Law Program South East Europe and the KAS Romania country office.

Contact person

Christian Spahr